it's time for light

Have you ever seen a backlit hourglass in a sauna?

Imagine a sauna with its foggy, cosy dimness, quiet soothing music, and the pleasant scent of oils. You lie on a wooden bench and feel the warmth embracing you. Your body and mind start to relax.

All you have to do is decide, how much time you will devote to this pleasure.

But you encounter a small obstacle...

Usually, saunas are semi-dark, so the hourglass measuring time is not visible. It’s probably a little bit annoying for you…

The LUGAAH backlit hourglass solves this problem.

The sand clock is perfectly visible, and the correctly adjusted intensity of its light avoids disturbing the intimate character of the sauna. It discreetly measures the time of a session, ensuring perfect pleasure for every minute.

Lugaah Backlit hourglass
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